Dozens of Firearms Legislations under Consideration in the State of Illinois

According to a recent news report, Illinois lawmakers will review more than two dozen rearms legislations this spring that could change the already existing gun laws in the state. These proposals include allowing hunters to use suppressors/silencers to providing retired prison guards the right to carry firearm weapons. Various measures come a year after Illinois became the last state in the US to legalize the concealed carry of weapons. Also, some of the 29 firearms proposals have already drawn praise from all sides.

Must Have a FOID License to Carry Suppressors

State Representative Brandon Phelps, D-Harrisburg, one of the main supporters last year for Illinois’s concealed carry law has put forward four separate changes to state gun laws and said that more changes are in the works. The State Rep’s plan to allow silencers/suppressors on firearms while hunting has already drawn fire. He also said that to own a suppressor a person must first have a FOID license or a firearms owner identification card, a background check conducted by the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms department and wait about nine months for the check to come back. Already, thirty-nine states have passed a law that made suppressors or silencers legal.

Another proposal that is backed by the State Representative is the right to carry at an interstate rest area. To this proposal Phelps commented that “a lot of people do not use rest areas because they are dangerous”. He believes that more people would take advantage of rest areas if they could conceal and carry a firearm while doing so.

Ban on Firearms that are Made from 3D Printers

Another important proposal related to firearms legislation is the ban of a firearm made from 3D printers. This proposal is getting a strong backing, especially from the State Representative Elgie Sims, D-Chicago. Three-dimensional or 3D printing creates solid objects by using digital files and these objects are made from small particles of plastic or other materials that are fused together using a laser. There are videos going around social media channels that show the making of a ‘functional’ firearm from this method is possible and without much effort.

The Undetectable Firearms Act in the US law makes it illegal to make or have firearms that go unnoticed in a metal detector, so guns manufactured from 3D printers without metal are already illegal. State Senator Dan Kotowski, D-Park Ridge, supports the ban on 3D printed firearms. He says that “what this does is bypass the already lacking oversight on firearms manufacturers to allow people to make guns in their homeswhich I think presents a great problem especially when you think of criminals and terrorists who are a threat to our domestic security getting access to this type of machinery”.

Purchase of Firearms and Ammunitions Using Permit

When it comes to the purchase of firearms and ammunitions, a third proposal would allow an individual to make a purchase with his/her permit instead of using a FOID card. It is well known that an individual must first have a FOID license card in order to obtain a concealed carry permit. Brandon Phelps said that they want the two cards to be viewed as the same in this aspect. He also said that he does not want to get rid of FOID cards as many hunters do not wish to have a concealed carry permit.

The other piece of legislation put forward by Phelps will eliminate the standard wait time of receiving a firearm for licensees after the purchase of one. Phelps believes that the cause of delay is to deter criminals from purchasing a firearm and committing a crime with it that day. Those people who possess a conceal carry permit with them are likely to have one firearm already, so that would not apply to them.

Other proposals that are in consideration range from not allowing a person to purchase a firearm while they have a court order of protection against them to allowing retired and corrections officers (or unemployed) conceal and carry their own weapons after the required training specifications.